from funder:

Bush Foundation

to recipient:

Teach for America

New York, NY

EIN: 13-3541913

Web address:


Total Grants to Teach for America
Total $ Granted: $ 2,987,500
For Years: 2019 2015 2014 2013 2012
# Grants: 6

Grants to Teach for America

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Date Amount Purpose Funder
1/1/2019 10,000 Sponsorship of The Native Alliance Corps Members and Alumni Leadership Summit Bush Foundation
1/1/2015 75,000 Education - To engage Native families and stakeholders in solving the opportunity gap for Native students in South Dakota Bush Foundation
1/1/2015 2,000,000 Education - To recruit and train teachers for schools on reservations in South Dakota and Minnesota Bush Foundation
1/1/2014 800,000 Education - Partnership to Implement a Teach for America / University of Minnesota Alternative Teacher Licensure Program in Minnesota Bush Foundation
1/1/2013 100,000 Education - A planning grant that will help TFA with initial work to develop an alternative teacher preparation program Bush Foundation
1/1/2012 2,500 Education - for general operating support Bush Foundation



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