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Buying an education reform movement in Minnesota

Ever since the first charter schools were opened in Minnesota in the early 1990s corporate education activists have worked in many different ways to remove regulation from them and to fund an entire ecosystem built up around creating, advocating for, helping, and protecting charter schools. As you can see from the chart above, this movement has picked up significant new funding since 2008. The range of institutions funded can appear to be mind boggling, and local non-profit media has taken part in this fiscal deluge and has essentially become part of an allliance to undo public education, particularly in the Twin Cities metro area.

The purpose of this website is to shed light on the funding of this ecosystem, and provide editorial content based on that funding, including profiles on funders, recipients and people, and provide links to stories on this ecosystem around the web. We will also provide original editorial content analyzing the structure, methods and ideologies of those entities.


THIS WEBSITE has a lot of data, most of it entered by one person. There are over 3,100 grants and almost 500 recipients. There are 25 funders. Given that quantity of data, and the analysis that goes with it, there will probably be errors. If you find one, please contact us for correction.

Rob Levine