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Minnesota Comeback
(see full profile)

EIN: 47-4086472

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Minnesota Comeback is the legal owner of Great Minnesota Schools.

According to a Minnesota Comeback press release, the organization was incubated by the Minneapolis Foundation as the "Education Transformation Initiative."



Total Grants to Minnesota Comeback
Total $ Granted: $ 3,206,769
For Years: 2016 2015 2014
# Grants: 17

Grants to Minnesota Comeback

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Date Amount Purpose Funder
1-1-2016 25,000 Program/Project Cargill Foundation
1-1-2016 100,000 Support for the launch of an education policy advocacy nonprofit in Minnesota serving the local education ecosystem Bush Foundation
1-1-2016 290,769 Minnesota Comeback - Great MN Schools. General operating Minneapolis Foundation
1-1-2016 50,000 Multiple grants for multiple purposes Saint Paul Foundation
1-1-2016 66,000 [addressed to: "Minneapolis Fdn - Education Transformation Initiative Fund"] Committed to improving education, especially for low-income children and children of color Smikis Foundation
1-1-2016 100,000 Proactive grant application Carolyn Foundation
1-1-2016 25,000 Support for education Douglass Brandenborg Family Foundation
1-1-2016 50,000 General operating support General Mills Foundation
1-1-2016 50,000 General operating support Curtis L Carlson Family Foundation, aka Carlson Family Foundation
1-1-2016 550,000 Unrestricted WEM Foundation [Whitney MacMillan]
1-1-2016 300,000 for general operating support and for strategic fund investments into the education ecosystem McKnight Foundation
1-1-2016 100,000 Great schools for every child Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi Foundation for Children
1-1-2015 1,000,000 ETI operations Minneapolis Foundation
1-1-2015 100,000 To support Minnesota Comeback in its efforts to craft and begin implementing a strategic vision to improve the educator talent pipeline in Minneapolis through the organization' Talent Implementation Team and Policy Team Joyce Foundation
1-1-2015 275,000 unrestricted WEM Foundation [Whitney MacMillan]
1-1-2015 100,000 ETI operations (Education Transformation Initiative - editor) Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi Foundation for Children
1-1-2014 25,000 General operating support [Grant addressed to "Education Transformation (Now MN Comeback)" Frey Foundation