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MinnCAN was the Minnesota affiliate of 50CAN, Inc. It broke from 50CAN to form a new organization called Ed Allies in 2016.


Rob Levine
The Cucking Stool Blog
February 3, 2011

Inside MinnCAN: Political intent, dissembling, and big payments to 50CAN

Hats off to the education deformers at MinnCAN. They're clever, well-funded and well-connected. With a staff of only three people in Minnesota they threaten to do more harm to public education than any of their older and bigger-staffed education deform peers. That and much more is evident in the new organization's original fund-raising prospectus from July of last year, which has been leaked to this website.

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Christopher Magan
September 29, 2016

Group pushing Minnesota teacher licensing reform breaks from national backer

An education reform group pushing to overhaul Minnesota’s teacher licensing system plans to break away from its national parent organization.

The Minnesota Campaign for Achievement Now, or MinnCAN, will close up shop Friday and re-emerge next week as Ed Allies. MinnCAN is part of the national 50CAN network, which recently decided itself to step back from its work in Minnesota to focus on other priorities.

Daniel Sellers, who led MinnCAN until July when he left to work on the new venture, will head Ed Allies. Most of MinnCAN’s existing staff will join him, and most of MinnCAN’s local funders plan to support the new organization.

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Rob Levine
The Cucking Stool Blog
September 21, 2010

The ConnCan con: MinnCon next?

I've read enough propaganda on education, seen enough failures justified, and witnessed the eternal misplaced value put on charter schools and right wing generated "solutions" to know when I'm being peddled a load of bull. Such was the feeling reading this post about a Minneapolis Foundation education event from the usually reliable Dane Smith over at the Growth & Justice website.

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