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Total recipients: 140
Total $$$ received: $ 57,155,704

Recipient name Charter Private Public Media Closed? $
Hiawatha Academies CSP ERC WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 9,079,958
Harvest Preparatory Charter School CSP ERC CHAR CLOSED 3,099,438
Prodeo Academy CSP WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 2,241,927
Best Academy Inc. CSP CHAR 1,626,500
Mastery School CSP WALTON CHAR 1,604,000
Northeast College Prep CSP WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 1,599,475
Harvest Network of Schools ERC CHAR CLOSED 1,524,539
EdVisions Schools Inc. CHAR 1,240,272
Center School, Inc. [Minneapolis] CHAR 1,196,350
Hennepin Elementary School dba Hennepin Schools CSP WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 1,132,793
Friendship Academy of Fine Arts WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 1,041,000
Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School CHAR 941,000
Community of Peace Academy CSP CHAR 908,500
Global Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 831,150
Minneapolis College Preparatory School CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 682,897
Venture Academy CSP CHAR 672,500
Legacy of Dr. Josie R. Johnson Montessori - nee Bright Water Elementary CSP WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 646,322
Avalon School WALTON CHAR 576,152
Nova Classical Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 562,574
High School for Recording Arts CHAR 554,835
LoveWorks Academy For Arts WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 545,000
Metro Tech Academy [Dunwoody Academy ] WALTON CHAR CLOSED 510,000
Prestige Academy Charter School [Ascension Academy] WALTON CHAR CLOSED 485,719
Minnesota Transitions Charter School CHAR 485,000
Eagle Ridge Academy WALTON CHAR 469,873
Bdote Learning Center CSP WALTON CHAR 468,000
Minnesota Wildflower Montessori School CHAR 456,000
Hmong College Prep Academy WALTON CHAR 450,000
St. Croix Preparatory Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 428,552
Tesfa International School WALTON CHAR 405,000
Sobriety High Charter School CHAR CLOSED 398,925
Minneapolis Academy CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 363,999
Twin Cities Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 323,581
Southside Family Charter School WALTON CHAR 318,945
Higher Ground Academy CSP CHAR 305,393
Twin Cities German Immersion School WALTON CHAR 299,494
Carleton College [charter school] WALTON CHAR CLOSED 297,175
West Side Summit CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 297,000
Big Picture Twin Cities [Phillips Community School] WALTON CHAR CLOSED 295,000
Partnership Academy, Inc. CHAR 290,126
Upper Mississippi Academy WALTON CHAR 285,395
Cornerstone Montessori Elementary CSP WALTON CHAR 285,000
Stride Academy Charter School WALTON CHAR 280,000
Urban Academy Charter School WALTON CHAR 278,000
El Colegio Charter School CHAR 275,050
New Millennium Academy Charter WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 274,058
Twin Cities International Elementary School WALTON CHAR CLOSED 272,200
Laura Jeffrey Academy Charter WALTON CHAR 256,877
Sankofa Underground North Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
Minnesota School of Science WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
College Preparatory Elementary WALTON CHAR 250,000
Lincoln International School WALTON CHAR 250,000
New Salem Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
Elom International School WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
Minnesota Business Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
Spero Academy [Fraser Academy] WALTON CHAR 247,233
Beacon Preparatory Academy CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 240,500
Richard Allen Math-Science Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 240,000
Stonebridge World School WALTON CHAR 235,000
Community School of Excellence WALTON CHAR 230,000
General John Vessey Jr Leadership WALTON CHAR CLOSED 230,000
Kaleidoscope Charter School WALTON CHAR 230,000
Long Tieng Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 230,000
Noble Academy WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 230,000
North Lakes Academy CHAR 230,000
North Shore Community School CHAR 230,000
World Learner Charter School CHAR 230,000
New Heights School, Inc. CHAR 230,000
Woodson Institute For Excellence (WISE School) CHAR CLOSED 221,000
Academy of North Minneapolis CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 220,000
AFSA High School [Academy for Sciences and Agriculture] CHAR 213,000
St. Paul City School CHAR 206,050
Academy of Biosciences WALTON CHAR CLOSED 180,000
Paideia Academy Charter School CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 180,000
Cyber Village Academy CSP CHAR 163,000
New Century School CHAR 160,000
TEAM Academy WALTON CHAR 154,000
Yinghua Academy CSP CHAR 133,836
Sojourner Truth Academy CHAR 133,147
Level Up Academy CHAR 122,000
Great River School CHAR 116,181
PIM Arts High School [nee Main Street School Performing Arts] WALTON CHAR 113,837
Ubah Medical Academy Charter School WALTON CHAR 110,000
Midway Star Academy - nee Dugsi Academy WALTON CHAR 110,000
New City School CSP WALTON CHAR 102,000
Native Arts Charter School WALTON CHAR CLOSED 100,000
Exploration High School CHAR 100,000
New Voyage Academy Charter School [St. Paul Family Learning Center] CHAR CLOSED 93,500
Math and Science Academy CSP CHAR 90,120
Worthington Area Language Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 85,000
Voyageurs Expeditionary WALTON CHAR 85,000
Tarek Ibn Ziyad Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 85,000
Twin Cities International Schools [nee Minnesota International Middle Charter] CHAR 82,500
PACT Charter School CHAR 75,000
Family Academy Charter School CHAR CLOSED 75,000
Northwest Passage High School [Coon Rapids Learning Center] CHAR 72,000
Odyssey Academy CHAR CLOSED 72,000
Minnesota Academy of Technology CHAR CLOSED 70,018
Metro Deaf School CHAR 69,662
Technical Academies of Minnesota CHAR 62,500
Cologne Academy CSP CHAR 61,811
Link Public Schools CHAR 60,000
Sejong Academy of Minnesota CHAR 50,000
DaVinci Academy CHAR 46,154
Parnassus Preparatory School CHAR 41,678
Dakota Academy CHAR CLOSED 40,000
West Concord Public Charter School CHAR CLOSED 32,000
Prairie Creek Community School CHAR 30,347
Cedar Riverside Community School CHAR CLOSED 30,000
Learning For Leadership Charter CHAR CLOSED 30,000
Minnesota Online High School CHAR 25,000
Seven Hills Preparatory Academy CHAR 24,281
Glacial Hills Elementary CHAR 22,550
Leadership Preparatory Academy CHAR CLOSED 20,000
STEP Academy Charter School CHAR 20,000
International Spanish Language Academy CHAR 15,000
Crosslake Community Charter School CHAR 11,733
Face to Face Academy CHAR 11,048
Rivers Edge Academy CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Soul Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Recovery School of Southern MN WALTON CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Colonel Charles D. Young Military Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Hennepin County Military Preparatory Academy CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Great Expectations CHAR 10,000
TrekNorth High School WALTON CHAR 10,000
Lakes International Language Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 10,000
Prairie Seeds Academy WALTON CHAR 10,000
Swan River Montessori Charter School WALTON CHAR 10,000
Cygnus Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Minnesota Internship Center CHAR 9,941
Aspen Academy CHAR 9,489
Excell Academy Charter CHAR 6,000
Minnesota New Country School CHAR 4,200
New Century Academy CHAR 4,000
Academic Arts High School [River Heights Charter School] CHAR 4,000
Kato Public Charter School [Riverbend Academy] CHAR 4,000
Athlos Leadership Academy [New Visions School] CHAR 2,500
Clarkfield Charter School CHAR 2,500


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