Charter total: $ 4,566,682
Private total: $ 144,750
Public total: $ 50,000
Closed charters total: $ 0
For years: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020


Foundations spend double on private, charter schools over regular public schools

Given how much time and money local foundations spend telling inner city school districts like those in Minneapolis and St. Paul how they should operate, it's interesting to investigate just how much money they spend on actual districts, versus their contributions to local private and charter schools

These comparisons should be caveated by the selective nature of the grants reported, the absence of some subsidiary organizations that provide services to schools, and other factors. However, care was put into the data selection such that all grants to K-12 charter schools, private schools and public schools are included. Also included are grants to the foundations of those entities and direct grants to school districts. You can click the links above - Charter, Private, and Public to see which entities are included in each category. So - although the data set is not complete - it does provide a sense of where various foundations' true allegiances really lie.


Proficiency rates

View proficiency rates for charter schools' test scores here.

Enrollment by city

See how many students, in aggregate, attend charter schools supported by the funders catalogued on this website, sorted by city.

WFF Startups

The Walton Family Foundation has given more than $16 million to charter schools in Minnesota, contributing to 96 separate schools and helping start 70 of them - 29% of all charters EVER opened in the state. Read an anlysis of WFF giving to charter schools in Minnesota.

About the Data

Find out where the grant data comes from, and what years and funders are included.


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