Bush Foundation


University of Wisconsin

Date: 1/1/2009

Amount: 250,000

Comment: Education - For work conducted by The Value-Added Research Center (VARC) to develop a set of value-added metrics, analysis tools, and reporting mechanisms that measure and report the effectiveness of teacher preparation institutions. Value-added reports developed as a part of this effort will provide feedback that can be used to improve teacher preparation programs and the support of new teachers in their practicum and initial job placements. In addition, it is expected that VARC will establish an ongoing and sustainable process for collecting and analyzing the necessary data as well as providing actionable insights that engage all key stakeholder groups (the Bush Foundation, The Bush Advisory and Review Committee, Institutions of Higher Education, partnering local education agencies, State Departments of Education, and others as appropriate)

* Note that month and day of month are always the first of the year in this database since the philanthropies don't date their grants. The year is the year shown on the 990.



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