from funder:

Curtis L Carlson Family Foundation

to recipient:

Minneapolis Foundation [Education]

Minneapolis, MN 55402

EIN: 41-6029402

Note: Minneapolis Foundation is primarily a funder (see here) - this is the entity for grants given to the foundation

Web address:


Total Grants to Minneapolis Foundation [Education]
Total $ Granted: $ 90,000
For Years: 2015 2013
# Grants: 3

Grants to Minneapolis Foundation [Education]

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Date Amount Purpose Funder
1/1/2015 50,000 Northside Funders Group - MN Comeback (ETI) Curtis L Carlson Family Foundation
1/1/2013 25,000 Education Transformation Initiative [ETI] Curtis L Carlson Family Foundation
1/1/2013 15,000 RESET Education Curtis L Carlson Family Foundation



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