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Joyce Foundation

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Minnesota Comeback

Minneapolis, MN 55401

EIN: 47-4086472

Minnesota Comeback merged into its owned entity Great MN Schools in 2019.

Minnesota Comeback was previously the legal owner of Great Minnesota Schools.

According to a Minnesota Comeback press release, the organization was incubated by the Minneapolis Foundation as the Education Transformation Initiative.

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Total Grants to Minnesota Comeback
Total $ Granted: $ 315,000
For Years: 2018 2017 2015
# Grants: 3

Grants to Minnesota Comeback

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Date Amount Purpose Funder
1/1/2018 100,000 To support its Talent and Policy teams and their efforts to ensure high-quality teachers for Minneapolis/Minnesota classroom Joyce Foundation
1/1/2017 115,000 to support its Talent and Policy teams and their efforts to ensure high-quality teacher pipeline and teacher development policies Joyce Foundation
1/1/2015 100,000 To support Minnesota Comeback in its efforts to craft and begin implementing a strategic vision to improve the educator talent pipeline in Minneapolis through the organization' Talent Implementation Team and Policy Team Joyce Foundation



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