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Rob Levine

See here for a bibliography of other education writing by Rob Levine

8 reports by Rob Levine

4/26/2021 Proposed Page Amendment is the Cruz-Guzman killer
3/10/2021 Time for Alan Page, Mike Ciresi and the Minneapolis Foundation to grab some bench
9/20/2019 How the Bush Foundation wasted $45 million and 10 years on an ill-conceived attack on teachers
5/15/2019 One way charter schools can kill a public school district
10/8/2018 What Conor Williams didn't see in Minneapolis
5/7/2017 Twenty five years later charter schools a costly, failed experiment
4/23/2017 Free to choose a Walmart school
9/4/2012 Beating the odds, or beating the test?
Rob Levine bibliography
Racketmn.com: Phonics Fundamentalism Comes to Minnesota
Inside the perils of legislating literacy with suspect science.
Racketmn.com: How the Minneapolis Foundation Bankrolls the Destruction of Public Schools
With hopes of creating an education "marketplace," the business foundation floods the city with charter schools while vilifying teachers' unions.
Performing feats of legerdemain
There's a big difference between a teacher's rating on a flawed and invalid evaluation system and her "performance." Just don't try and tell that to local media.
High performing Charter Schools: Beating the odds, or beating the test?
School Reformers' Choir: Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates All Sing From Same Hymnal
The ConnCan con: MinnCon next?
Inside MinnCAN: Political intent, dissembling, and big payments to 50CAN
Nine-part series on School Choice & Authoritarianism
    Part 1: Deformed: Authoritarian undercurrents in education
    Part 2: The danger to education and democracy posed by authoritarianism
    Part 3: School choice birthed in authoritarian racial animus and market fundamentalism
    Part 4: Education deformers achieve political success through a culture of lying, repetition, and compliance, not logic, reason and evidence
    Part 5: Deformed schools: Reduced diversity, authoritarian education styles, narrowed curriculum, and harming of critical thinking skills
    Part 6: Collapse of authority breeds authoritarianism
    Part 7: Replacing democracy with authoritarianism
    Part 8: The authoritarian journalism of education reform
    Part 9: Authoritarianism on the march
Charter schools crash and burn in Minnesota
Disseminating propaganda: The National Council on Teacher Quality
Propagating a dishonest narrative
A lesson in Plutocracy
The anti-democratic politics of Minnesota's largest philanthropies
Schools failing? Yes, if steady improvement equals failure
Creating little authoritarians
Bullshit and bellow: Deformers aim to destroy traditional schools of education
Let's show our schools some love


Rob Levine