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The Walton Family Foundation has given more than $16 million to charter schools in Minnesota, contributing to 96 separate schools and helping start 70 of them - 29% of all charters EVER opened in the state. Read an anlysis of WFF giving to charter schools in Minnesota.

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Minneapolis Foundation



Total recipients: 41
Total $$$ received: $ 2,744,819

Recipient name Charter Private Public Media Closed? $
Ames Elementary School PUB 14,000
Apple Valley High School PUB 5,000
Central High School PUB 20,678
Como Park High School PUB 22,968
District 112 Educational Foundation PUB 53,000
District 196 Foundation, Inc. PUB 7,500
Eastview Senior High PUB 10,000
Edison High School PUB 18,400
Harding High School PUB 12,938
Heritage Academy PUB 7,000
Highland Park High School PUB 20,670
Humboldt High School PUB 6,698
Independent School District #1 - Minneapolis Public Schools PUB 1,636,116
Independent School District #194 - Lakeville, MN PUB 5,000
Independent School District #200 - Hastings, MN PUB 5,000
Independent School District #271 - Bloomington Public Schools PUB 14,018
Independent School District #276 - Minnetonka Public School District PUB 5,500
Independent School District #277 PUB 91,750
Independent School District #279 - Osseo PUB 7,000
Independent School District #535- Rochester PUB 5,750
Independent School District #621 - Mounds View Public Schools PUB 8,500
Independent School District #625 - St. Paul Public Schools PUB 420,216
Independent School District #659 - Northfield Public Schools PUB 5,000
Independent School District #720 - Shakopee Public Schools PUB 16,550
Independent School District #833 - South Washington County Schools PUB 25,000
Independent School District #876- Annandale PUB 20,000
John A. Johnson Senior High School PUB 14,030
John F. Kennedy High School PUB 69,088
Lakeville North High School PUB 5,000
New York Mills Public Schools PUB 8,500
North Community High School PUB 16,709
Northfield Senior High PUB 10,000
Patrick Henry High School PUB 29,602
Roosevelt High School PUB 17,879
South High Foundation, Friends of [Minneapolis] PUB 21,500
South High School PUB 19,548
Southwest High School PUB 14,283
St. Anthony/New Brighton ISD #282 PUB 5,323
St. James Public Schools PUB 8,500
Washburn Senior High School PUB 23,105
Willmar Public Schools PUB 17,500