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The Walton Family Foundation has given more than $16 million to charter schools in Minnesota, contributing to 96 separate schools and helping start 70 of them - 29% of all charters EVER opened in the state. Read an anlysis of WFF giving to charter schools in Minnesota.

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Total recipients: 86
Total $$$ received: $ 35,453,531

Recipient name Charter Private Public Media Closed? $
Sacred Heart School PRIV 50,250
Saint Anthony Park School Association 50,852
Saint Cloud State University 4,096,239
Saint John's University 1,000,000
Saint Lukes School PRIV 75,000
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota 5,000
Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation 1,790,631
Saint Theresa Catholic School PRIV 10,000
San Francisco Day School PRIV 15,000
San Miguel Middle School PRIV CLOSED 91,452
Sankofa Underground North Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
Schaeffer Academy PRIV 155,018
Seed Daycare 675,000
ServeMinnesota 100,000
Shakopee Area Catholic Education Consolidation Inc. PRIV 237,342
Shakopee Educational Endowment Foundation 6,000
Shattuck-St. Mary's School PRIV 656,043
Sicangu Oyate Ho, Inc. 502,360
Sisseton-Wahpeton Community College 60,000
Sobriety High Charter School CHAR CLOSED 398,925
Sojourner Truth Academy CHAR 125,697
Somali Action Alliance Education Fund 116,000
SOS - Save Our Schools 75,798
Soul Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 10,000
South Dakota State University 1,237,860
South Dakota Voices for Children 450,500
South High Foundation, Friends of [Minneapolis] PUB 6,613
South High School PUB 19,548
South St. Paul Educational Foundation 23,000
Southside Family Charter School WALTON CHAR 318,945
Southwest Christian High School PRIV 162,877
Southwest High School PUB 14,283
Southwest High School Foundation PUB 16,779
Special Intermediate School District 916 Foundation 437,395
Spero Academy [Fraser Academy] WALTON CHAR 247,233
Spokesman-Recorder MEDIA 4,000
SRI International 5,327,600
St. Agnes School [St. Paul] PRIV 293,986
St. Anthony/New Brighton ISD #282 PUB 5,323
St. Bartholomew School PRIV 3,000
St. Catherine University 75,000
St. Cloud Christian School PRIV 5,137
St. Croix Catholic School PRIV 22,575
St. Croix Lutheran High School Association PRIV 58,557
St. Croix Preparatory Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 387,600
St. David's School PRIV 400
St. David's School for Child Development PRIV 73,125
St. Francis/St. James United School PRIV 91,250
St. Helena Catholic School MN COMEBACK PRIV 215,775
St. James Public Schools PUB 8,500
St. Jerome Catholic School PRIV 86,516
St. John Vianney Catholic School PRIV 6,600
St. Johns Catholic School PRIV 5,000
St. Johns Preparatory School PRIV 36,422
St. Marks School PRIV 16,436
St. Mary's Church and School [Sleepy Eye] PRIV 5,191
St. Mary's Mission and School PRIV 60,000
St. Mary's School [Bird Island] PRIV 2,000
St. Matthew School PRIV 83,250
St. Michael School PRIV 29,250
St. Olaf College 300,000
St. Pascal Baylon School PRIV 65,510
St. Paul Academy and Summit School PRIV 5,615,037
St. Paul City School CHAR 175,050
St. Paul Foundation 362,500
St. Paul's School PRIV 83,912
St. Peter Claver Catholic School PRIV 188,910
St. Therese School PRIV 26,360
St. Thomas Academy PRIV 1,663,667
St. Thomas More Catholic School PRIV 69,819
Stairstep Foundation 132,500
State of Minnesota 175,000
State of Minnesota - overall average PUB 0
State of Minnesota, Department of Education 724,380
State of North Dakota, Department of Human Services 798,226
State of South Dakota, Department of Education 247,760
State of South Dakota, Department of Social Services 1,789,769
STEP Academy Charter School CHAR 20,000
Stevenson School PRIV 25,000
Stonebridge World School WALTON CHAR 235,000
Stride Academy Charter School WALTON CHAR 230,000
Students for Education Reform ERC 2,025,000
Students for Education Reform Action Network 50,000
Sunny Hollow Montessori PRIV 21,998
Support Our Schools 28,000
Swan River Montessori Charter School WALTON CHAR 10,000