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The Walton Family Foundation has given more than $16 million to charter schools in Minnesota, contributing to 96 separate schools and helping start 70 of them - 29% of all charters EVER opened in the state. Read an anlysis of WFF giving to charter schools in Minnesota.

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Total recipients: 550
Total $$$ received: $ 364,076,992

Recipient name Charter Private Public Media Closed? $
Achieve Minneapolis 21,310,567
Twin Cities Public Television MEDIA 14,998,351
Independent School District #625 - St. Paul Public Schools PUB 14,969,465
Minnesota Public Radio MEDIA 13,221,788
Independent School District #1 - Minneapolis Public Schools PUB 9,867,899
Northside Achievement Zone 9,494,232
University of Minnesota 9,072,068
Teach for America ERC 9,061,850
Minneapolis Foundation [Education] 7,713,087
Ascension Church and School MN COMEBACK PRIV 7,468,469
Hiawatha Academies CSP ERC WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 6,397,658
Blake School PRIV 6,117,153
St. Paul Academy and Summit School PRIV 5,615,037
Minnesota State University, Mankato 5,580,500
Independent School District #286 [Brooklyn Center School District] PUB 5,540,150
SRI International 5,327,600
Minnesota Comeback ERC CLOSED 5,224,769
Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative 5,111,200
Wallin Education Partners 5,066,225
Charter School Partners ERC CLOSED 4,871,464
Think Small 4,854,413
NDSU, MSU-Moorhead and VCSU Consortium 4,739,667
Way to Grow 4,616,305
FHI 360 4,526,908
University of South Dakota 4,183,699
MinnCAN ERC CLOSED 4,155,592
Saint Cloud State University 4,096,239
Hill Murray High School PRIV 4,043,616
Pillsbury United Communities 3,993,365
Winona State University 3,835,221
Harvest Preparatory Charter School CSP ERC CHAR CLOSED 3,099,438
Great MN Schools ERC 2,780,000
MinnPost MEDIA 2,673,516
Educators 4 Excellence, Inc. ERC 2,651,813
Minnesota Community Foundation 2,650,000
Policy Innovators in Education Network Inc. (PIE Network) ERC MEDIA 2,342,289
Black Hills Special Services Cooperative 2,200,000
Greater Twin Cities United Way [Generation Next] 2,105,000
University of Wisconsin 2,060,929
Students for Education Reform ERC 2,025,000
Risen Christ Catholic School MN COMEBACK PRIV 1,936,922
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School MN COMEBACK PRIV 1,889,941
Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation 1,790,631
State of South Dakota, Department of Social Services 1,789,769
Hope Academy MN COMEBACK PRIV 1,726,455
Cretin-Derham Hall PRIV 1,664,640
St. Thomas Academy PRIV 1,663,667
Best Academy Inc. CSP CHAR 1,606,500
Rapid City Area School District #51-4 PUB 1,604,363
Mastery School CSP WALTON CHAR 1,529,400
Prodeo Academy CSP WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 1,500,577
Northland Foundation 1,500,000
Charlemagne Institute - nee Intellectual Takeout ERC 1,467,000
Close Gaps by 5
(nee: Parent Aware for School Readiness)
Wildflower Foundation ERC CHAR 1,410,000
Project for Pride in Living 1,389,871
Growth & Justice 1,388,669
University of St. Thomas 1,385,425
Breck School PRIV 1,334,142
Center for School Change 1,314,813
Independent School District #283 - St. Louis Park PUB 1,304,912
Bethel University 1,284,000
Convent and Academy of the Visitation School PRIV 1,283,651
South Dakota State University 1,237,860
Harvest Network of Schools ERC CHAR CLOSED 1,229,266
Minnesota Minority Education Partnership 1,218,225
Independent School District #271 - Bloomington Public Schools PUB 1,192,924
Northeast College Prep CSP WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 1,176,500
University of Minnesota Foundation 1,147,986
Center School, Inc. [Minneapolis] CHAR 1,126,250
Benilde-St. Margaret's School PRIV 1,124,482
Twin Cities Media Alliance MEDIA 1,112,004
Center of the American Experiment 1,106,030
Saint John's University 1,000,000
Montessori Training Center of Minnesota, Inc. ERC 969,256
Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School CHAR 941,000
Minnesota Association of Charter Schools 898,777
Lake Country School - Montessori Learning Environments PRIV 879,884
Community of Peace Academy CSP CHAR 858,000
Concordia College, Moorhead 802,500
State of North Dakota, Department of Human Services 798,226
Ascension, Friends of [Wayzata, MN] PRIV 781,562
Holy Family Catholic School PRIV 750,936
University of Sioux Falls 750,000
Minnesota Early Learning Foundation 750,000
Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning 730,000
Amherst H. Wilder Foundation 725,000
State of Minnesota, Department of Education 724,380
Ed Allies ERC 721,500
Minneapolis College Preparatory School CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 682,897
Todd County School District #66-1 PUB 677,500
Seed Daycare 675,000
Mounds Park Academy PRIV 672,713
Friendship Academy of Fine Arts WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 669,000
Venture Academy CSP CHAR 667,500
Providence Academy PRIV 660,815
Shattuck-St. Mary's School PRIV 656,043
Minnesota Education Equity Partnership 622,380
Minnehaha Academy PRIV 615,536
Citizens League [Minnesota] 603,515
Education Evolving 598,000
Bright Water Elementary CSP WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 586,322
University of Mary 583,330
Hamline University 582,394
Totino-Grace High School PRIV 557,138
Nova Classical Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 551,534
KidsFirst Scholarship Fund of Minnesota 551,000
College Possible 550,000
Independent School District #256 Red Wing Public Schools 537,117
Independent School District #191 Burnsville Public Schools PUB 521,866
The Bakken 521,130
Minnesota Independent School Forum 514,006
Metro Tech Academy [Dunwoody Academy ] WALTON CHAR CLOSED 510,000
Sicangu Oyate Ho, Inc. 502,360
Itasca Project 500,000
Minnesota Association of Colleges for Teacher Education 500,000
Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis 500,000
LoveWorks Academy For Arts WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 495,000
Prestige Academy Charter School [Ascension Academy] WALTON CHAR CLOSED 485,719
Reve Academy PRIV 483,800
Hennepin Elementary School CSP WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 479,441
North Dakota State University 452,686
Academy for Educational Development, Inc. 451,159
South Dakota Voices for Children 450,500
Hmong College Prep Academy WALTON CHAR 450,000
Minnesota Wildflower Montessori School ERC CHAR 450,000
Bdote Learning Center CSP WALTON CHAR 447,000
Special Intermediate School District 916 Foundation 437,395
Eagle Ridge Academy WALTON CHAR 430,663
Academy of Holy Angels PRIV 418,762
Phyllis Wheatley Community Center, Inc. 415,600
PEACE Foundation 410,000
Tesfa International School WALTON CHAR 405,000
Sobriety High Charter School CHAR CLOSED 398,925
UpTake Institute MEDIA 395,730
Volunteers of America - Minnesota 394,853
St. Croix Preparatory Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 387,600
DeLaSalle High School MN COMEBACK PRIV 384,203
Red Wing Public Schools Foundation PUB 375,513
Community of Saints School PRIV 374,534
Minneapolis Academy CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 363,999
St. Paul Foundation 362,500
Groves Academy PRIV 343,900
Blessed Trinity School PRIV 337,067
Avalon School WALTON CHAR 331,152
Independent School District #624 - White Bear Lake PUB 329,897
Orono Alliance for Education [Orono Foundation for Schools] 327,007
Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation 325,000
Twin Cities Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 323,581
KFAI, Fresh Air Radio, Inc. 321,419
Global Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 319,400
Southside Family Charter School WALTON CHAR 318,945
Edina Education Fund 318,904
Calvin Christian School PRIV 310,371
Black Hills State University 310,327
Higher Ground Academy CSP CHAR 305,393
Minnesota Chamber Foundation 300,000
St. Olaf College 300,000
Twin Cities German Immersion School WALTON CHAR 299,494
Carleton College [charter school] WALTON CHAR CLOSED 297,175
West Side Summit CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 297,000
Big Picture Twin Cities [Phillips Community School] WALTON CHAR CLOSED 295,000
St. Agnes School [St. Paul] PRIV 293,986
Minnesota Transitions Charter School CHAR 285,000
Urban Academy Charter School WALTON CHAR 278,000
Upper Mississippi Academy WALTON CHAR 275,395
Twin Cities International Elementary School WALTON CHAR CLOSED 272,200
High School for Recording Arts CHAR 271,500
Pope John Paul II Catholic School PRIV 263,346
Concordia University Saint Paul 258,460
Laura Jeffrey Academy Charter WALTON CHAR 256,877
Parents United for Public Schools 255,340
Sankofa Underground North Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
Minnesota School of Science WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
Cornerstone Montessori Elementary CSP WALTON CHAR 250,000
College Preparatory Elementary WALTON CHAR 250,000
Lincoln International School WALTON CHAR 250,000
New Salem Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
Elom International School WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
Minnesota Business Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 250,000
Winona State University Foundation 250,000
State of South Dakota, Department of Education 247,760
Spero Academy [Fraser Academy] WALTON CHAR 247,233
Independent School District #279 - Osseo PUB 244,208
Beacon Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 240,500
Richard Allen Math-Science Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 240,000
Shakopee Area Catholic Education Consolidation Inc. PRIV 237,342
Stonebridge World School WALTON CHAR 235,000
Minneapolis Jewish Day School PRIV 230,437
Augsburg College 230,000
Stride Academy Charter School WALTON CHAR 230,000
Community School of Excellence WALTON CHAR 230,000
General John Vessey Jr Leadership WALTON CHAR CLOSED 230,000
Kaleidoscope Charter School WALTON CHAR 230,000
Long Tieng Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 230,000
Noble Academy WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 230,000
North Lakes Academy CHAR 230,000
North Shore Community School CHAR 230,000
World Learner Charter School CHAR 230,000
New Heights School, Inc. CHAR 230,000
Mahtomedi Area Educational Foundation 229,929
Trinity Catholic School PRIV 224,715
Woodson Institute For Excellence (WISE School) CHAR CLOSED 221,000
EdVisions Off Campus School CHAR 220,272
Academy of North Minneapolis CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 220,000
St. Helena Catholic School MN COMEBACK PRIV 215,775
New Millennium Academy Charter WALTON MN COMEBACK CHAR 200,058
Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia 200,000
Committee for Better Schools 200,000
Anoka-Hennepin School District #11 PUB 199,670
Independent School District #834 - Stillwater PUB 197,072
El Colegio Charter School CHAR 195,050
Alliance of Early Childhood Professionals 191,915
Migizi Communications 191,500
St. Peter Claver Catholic School PRIV 188,910
Academy of Biosciences WALTON CHAR CLOSED 180,000
Paideia Academy Charter School CSP WALTON CHAR CLOSED 180,000
Rapid City Public School Foundation PUB 177,960
St. Paul City School CHAR 175,050
State of Minnesota 175,000
Partnership Academy, Inc. CHAR 171,376
Independent School District #197 - Mendota Heights PUB 166,711
Cyber Village Academy CSP CHAR 163,000
Southwest Christian High School PRIV 162,877
Fund for Public Schools, Inc. 159,340
Schaeffer Academy PRIV 155,018
TEAM Academy WALTON CHAR 154,000
Minnesota State University Moorhead Alumni Foundation, Inc. 150,000
United Tribes Technical College 150,000
Clark Atlanta University Inc. 150,000
Family Housing Fund 150,000
Independent School District #77 - Mankato Area Public Schools 150,000
Washburn High School Foundation 149,657
Stairstep Foundation 132,500
PACT for Families Collaborative 130,000
Friends School of Minnesota PRIV 128,717
American Institutes for Research 125,984
Sojourner Truth Academy CHAR 125,697
Impact Foundation [Fargo, ND] 125,000
Marshall School PRIV 123,175
The Saint Paul Foundation 120,500
Yinghua Academy CSP CHAR 118,336
Dickinson State University 116,760
Great River School CHAR 116,181
Somali Action Alliance Education Fund 116,000
Joyce Preschool PRIV 115,250
PIM Arts High School [nee Main Street School Performing Arts] WALTON CHAR 113,837
Torah Academy PRIV 111,591
Ubah Medical Academy Charter School WALTON CHAR 110,000
Audubon Center of The North Woods 106,888
Youth and Family Services, Inc. 104,693
New City School CSP WALTON CHAR 102,000
Independent School District #701 - Hibbing PUB 100,882
Life Prep [Concordia Creative Learning Academy] PRIV 100,551
City of Minneapolis - Mayor's Office 100,000
Jones Family Foundation 100,000
Yellow Medicine East School District 100,000
ServeMinnesota 100,000
North Dakota Consensus Council, Inc. 100,000
College of Visual Arts 100,000
Native Arts Charter School WALTON CHAR CLOSED 100,000
Minnesota Dream Fund 100,000
Heritage Academy PUB 100,000
Independent School District #280 - Richfield PUB 100,000
Breakthrough Twin Cities 100,000
Playworks Education Energized 100,000
University of North Dakota 98,205
Immaculate Conception Catholic School PRIV 96,735
Chapel Hill Academy PRIV 95,575
Minnesota Waldorf School PRIV 94,703
New Voyage Academy Charter School [St. Paul Family Learning Center] CHAR CLOSED 93,500
San Miguel Middle School PRIV CLOSED 91,452
St. Francis/St. James United School PRIV 91,250
Math and Science Academy CSP CHAR 90,120
Independent School District #829 - Waseca PUB 87,080
St. Jerome Catholic School PRIV 86,516
Independent School District #272 Eden Prairie Public Schools PUB 86,000
Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools 85,875
Worthington Area Language Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 85,000
Voyageurs Expeditionary WALTON CHAR 85,000
Tarek Ibn Ziyad Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 85,000
St. Paul's School PRIV 83,912
St. Matthew School PRIV 83,250
Twin Cities International Schools [nee Minnesota International Middle Charter] CHAR 82,500
Church of St. Raphael/School PRIV 80,476
SOS - Save Our Schools 75,798
New Life Academy [+Educational Foundation Inc.] PRIV 75,194
Saint Lukes School PRIV 75,000
St. Catherine University 75,000
Northern State University 75,000
PACT Charter School CHAR 75,000
Family Academy Charter School CHAR CLOSED 75,000
Level Up Academy CHAR 75,000
Minnesota Association of Charter School Authorizers 75,000
St. David's School for Child Development PRIV 73,125
Battelle For Kids 72,070
Northwest Passage High School [Coon Rapids Learning Center] CHAR 72,000
Odyssey Academy CHAR CLOSED 72,000
Minnesota Academy of Technology CHAR CLOSED 70,018
St. Thomas More Catholic School PRIV 69,819
Metro Deaf School CHAR 69,662
John F. Kennedy High School PUB 69,088
AFSA High School [Academy for Sciences and Agriculture] CHAR 69,000
St. Pascal Baylon School PRIV 65,510
City of Lakes Waldorf School PRIV 64,042
Independent School District #277 PUB 63,750
Technical Academies of Minnesota CHAR 62,500
Sisseton-Wahpeton Community College 60,000
Minnesota Head Start Association, Inc. 60,000
St. Mary's Mission and School PRIV 60,000
Independent School District #659 - Northfield Public Schools PUB 58,841
St. Croix Lutheran High School Association PRIV 58,557
Friends of South Dakota Public Broadcasting MEDIA 58,000
Independent School District #284- Wayzata Public School District PUB 56,688
Minnesota State University, Moorhead 56,590
Gustavus Adolphus College 55,750
Cologne Academy CSP CHAR 55,561
Valley City State University 52,341
Saint Anthony Park School Association 50,852
Sacred Heart School PRIV 50,250
Students for Education Reform Action Network 50,000
Hmong American Partnership 50,000
Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board 50,000
New Leaders Inc. 50,000
Barton School Foundation 49,947
Dakota Wesleyan University 47,000
Independent School District #622 - North Saint Paul PUB 46,730
Independent School District #281 - Robbinsdale Public School District PUB 45,000
Roseville School Foundation 44,728
Independent School District #129 - Montevideo PUB 43,889
Duluth-Superior Area Educational Television Corporation MEDIA 43,200
Independent School District #111 - Anoka-Hennepin Public School District PUB 43,000
National Alliance for Charter Schools 42,500
Independent School District #621 - Mounds View Public Schools PUB 42,411
Washburn Senior High School PUB 42,305
Central High School Parent Advisory Council 41,965
Independent school district #623 - Roseville Public Schools PUB 40,971
Minnesota Leadership Academy [Minnesota Leadership High School] 40,000
Dakota Academy CHAR CLOSED 40,000
Divine Mercy Catholic School PRIV 38,595
St. Johns Preparatory School PRIV 36,422
Independent School District #832 - Mahtomedi PUB 36,145
Independent school district #709 - Duluth Public School District PUB 36,000
Voices for Racial Justice 35,000
Ave Maria Academy [Cedarcrest Academy] PRIV 33,853
Independent School District #196 - Rosemount Public School PUB 33,693
Independent School District #241- Albert Lea 33,650
Guardian Angels School PRIV 33,000
West Concord Public Charter School CHAR CLOSED 32,000
Bethany Academy PRIV 31,500
Rochester Catholic Schools PRIV 30,756
Prairie Creek Community School CHAR 30,347
Independent School District #2155 - Wadena-Deer Creek PUB 30,203
DaVinci Academy CHAR 30,108
Independent School District #831 - Forest Lake Area PUB 30,000
Cedar Riverside Community School CHAR 30,000
Learning For Leadership Charter CHAR CLOSED 30,000
Independent School District #112 - Eastern Carver County PUB 29,693
Patrick Henry High School PUB 29,602
St. Michael School PRIV 29,250
Hopkins Education Foundation 28,230
North Community High School PUB 28,157
Support Our Schools 28,000
St. Therese School PRIV 26,360
Independent School District #695 - Chisholm PUB 26,282
Parnassus Preparatory School CHAR 25,728
Central Minnesota Christian School PRIV 25,203
Stevenson School PRIV 25,000
Marin Primary and Middle School PRIV 25,000
Education Minnesota Foundation for Excellence in Teaching & Learning 25,000
Minnesota Online High School CHAR 25,000
South St. Paul Educational Foundation 23,000
Como Park High School PUB 22,968
St. Croix Catholic School PRIV 22,575
La Escuelita 22,500
District 2 Community Council 22,500
Independent School District # 2168 - NRHEG School District PUB 22,298
Sunny Hollow Montessori PRIV 21,998
Prairie Public Broadcasting, Inc. MEDIA 21,810
The Whole Learning School PRIV 21,000
Mayer Lutheran High School PRIV 21,000
Central High School PUB 20,678
Highland Park High School PUB 20,670
Liberty Classical Academy PRIV 20,540
Annunciation School PRIV 20,500
Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs 20,000
Leadership Preparatory Academy CHAR CLOSED 20,000
STEP Academy Charter School CHAR 20,000
Independent School District #278 - Orono PUB 20,000
Vote Yes for Strong Schools 20,000
The Oxbow School PRIV 20,000
Independent School District #270 - Hopkins Public Schools PUB 20,000
Pilgrim Lutheran School PRIV 20,000
Montessori American Indian Childcare Center 20,000
South High School PUB 19,548
Minneapolis Public Schools Foundation PUB 18,790
Carondelet Catholic School PRIV 18,450
Edison High School PUB 18,400
Roosevelt High School PUB 17,879
Bethlehem Academy PRIV 17,818
Willmar Public Schools PUB 17,500
Cannon Falls Educational Foundation 17,086
Heritage Christian Academy Foundation PRIV 17,000
Southwest High School Foundation PUB 16,779
St. Marks School PRIV 16,436
Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation 16,135
Independent School District #2752- Fairmont PUB 16,121
District 112 Educational Foundation PUB 16,000
Concordia Academy PRIV 16,000
Highland Catholic School PRIV 15,490
San Francisco Day School PRIV 15,000
International Spanish Language Academy CHAR 15,000
Gallup 15,000
KnowledgeWorks Foundation 15,000
Independent School District #194 - Lakeville, MN PUB 15,000
Holy Name of Jesus School PRIV 14,795
Southwest High School PUB 14,283
John A. Johnson Senior High School PUB 14,030
Ames Elementary School PUB 14,000
Independent School District #276 - Minnetonka Public School District PUB 13,511
Harding High School PUB 12,938
Education Foundation of Bloomington 12,450
Visitation High school PRIV 12,317
Independent School District #640 - Wabasso PUB 12,075
Church of the Holy Name of Jesus PRIV 12,000
Crosslake Community Charter School CHAR 11,733
Deephaven Academy PRIV 11,586
Hastings Public School Foundation PUB 11,293
Independent School District #2835 - Janesville PUB 11,053
Face to Face Academy CHAR 11,048
Independent School District #720 - Shakopee Public Schools PUB 11,000
Independent School District #242 - Alden-Conger PUB 10,833
Independent School District #605 - Goodhue County Education District PUB 10,735
Family of Christ Lutheran School [Baxter, MN] PRIV 10,700
Independent School District #690 - Warroad PUB 10,100
Independent School District #239 - Rushford-Peterson Public Schools PUB 10,000
District 840 Foundation - St. James Public Schools PUB 10,000
Independent School District #485 - Royalton Public Schools PUB 10,000
Community Christian School PRIV 10,000
Saint Theresa Catholic School PRIV 10,000
Crosswinds Arts and Science School 10,000
National School Climate Center 10,000
Independent School District #110 - Waconia Public School District PUB 10,000
Monroe Elementary School 10,000
Rivers Edge Academy CHAR 10,000
Soul Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Recovery School of Southern MN WALTON CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Colonel Charles D. Young Military Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Hennepin County Military Preparatory Academy CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Great Expectations CHAR 10,000
TrekNorth High School WALTON CHAR 10,000
Lakes International Language Academy CSP WALTON CHAR 10,000
Prairie Seeds Academy WALTON CHAR 10,000
Swan River Montessori Charter School WALTON CHAR 10,000
Cygnus Academy WALTON CHAR CLOSED 10,000
Dugsi Academy WALTON CHAR 10,000
Independent School District #6 - South St. Paul Public School Dist. PUB 10,000
People Serving People 10,000
Friends of Education 10,000
Eastview Senior High PUB 10,000
Holy Spirit Academy PRIV 10,000
Northfield Senior High PUB 10,000
Navigate [El Colegio Charter High School?] 10,000
Red Cottage Montessori School PRIV 10,000
Independent School District #192- Farmington, MN PUB 10,000
Independent School District #16 - Spring Lake Park PUB 10,000
Our Lady of the Lake Church and School PRIV 10,000
Minnesota Indian Education Association 10,000
Independent School District #728 - Elk River Public Schools PUB 9,943
Minnesota Internship Center CHAR 9,941
Rochester Central Lutheran School PRIV 9,726
Aspen Academy CHAR 9,489
Northwood School District PUB 9,252
Independent School District #85 - Springfield PUB 9,250
New York Mills Public Schools PUB 8,500
St. James Public Schools PUB 8,500
Independent School District #88 - New Ulm PUB 8,496
Fergus Falls Education Foundation 8,156
Maternity of Mary Catholic School PRIV 8,125
Independent School District #466 - Cokato PUB 8,088
Independent School District #833 - South Washington County Schools PUB 8,000
Most Holy Redeemer Catholic School PRIV 7,800
Holy Spirit Church and School [St. Paul] PRIV 7,537
District 196 Foundation, Inc. PUB 7,500
Logan School for Creative Learning PRIV 7,460
Independent School District #505- Fulda PUB 7,365
Independent School District # 2169 - Murray County Central 7,365
Independent School District #840 - St. James PUB 7,000
Humboldt High School PUB 6,698
South High Foundation, Friends of [Minneapolis] PUB 6,613
St. John Vianney Catholic School PRIV 6,600
Shakopee Educational Endowment Foundation 6,000
Excell Academy Charter CHAR 6,000
Wilberforce Academy PRIV 5,839
Laura Baker School Association 5,797
Independent School District #423- Hutchinson PUB 5,750
Chesterton Academy PRIV 5,713
St. Anthony/New Brighton ISD #282 PUB 5,323
Independent School District #682 - Roseau PUB 5,321
Whole Learning School PRIV 5,250
St. Mary's Church and School [Sleepy Eye] PRIV 5,191
St. Cloud Christian School PRIV 5,137
Rochester Arts & Sciences Academy Foundation PRIV 5,122
Faithful Shepard Catholic School PRIV 5,045
Christian Life School PRIV 5,000
Common Cause Education Fund 5,000
Kipp Foundation CHAR 5,000
Happy Dancing Turtle 5,000
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota 5,000
Hmong National Development 5,000
Apple Valley High School PUB 5,000
Rehoboth Christian School Association PRIV 5,000
St. Johns Catholic School PRIV 5,000
Prince of Peace Academy PRIV CLOSED 5,000
Intermediate School District #287 - Hennepin Technical College PUB 5,000
Lakeville North High School PUB 5,000
Minnesota Business Partnership Education Foundation 5,000
Independent School District #200 - Hastings, MN PUB 5,000
Minnesota Guild of Public Charter Schools 5,000
Minnesota New Country School CHAR 4,200
New Century Academy CHAR 4,000
Academic Arts High School [River Heights Charter School] CHAR 4,000
Kato Public Charter School [Riverbend Academy] CHAR 4,000
Spokesman-Recorder MEDIA 4,000
St. Bartholomew School PRIV 3,000
West Central Minnesota Educational Television Company 2,500
Innovative Quality Schools 2,500
Athlos Leadership Academy [New Visions School] CHAR 2,500
Clarkfield Charter School CHAR 2,500
Hopkins High School - Champions Fund PUB 2,000
St. Mary's School [Bird Island] PRIV 2,000
Highlands Elementary [Edina, MN] 1,900
Cathedral High School [St. Cloud] PRIV 1,250
The BrandLab 1,000
Minnetonka Public Schools PUB 1,000
Legacy Christian Academy PRIV 1,000
Maple Grove Senior High Theatre Boosters PUB 1,000
Rockford School District PUB 500
Irondale High School PUB 500
St. David's School PRIV 400
Our Savior Lutheran School PRIV 250
Calvary Memorial Christian School PRIV 200
Gideon Pond Elementary School PUB 200
Cannon Valley Lutheran High School PRIV 150
MTS Pease Academy 0
Generation Next 0
50CAN, Inc. 0
State of Minnesota - overall average PUB 0