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Charter school scandals of the day

Charter schools are by design a griftogenic environment, so operators are at their most creative in figuring out ways to benefit themselves:

June 12, 2024
At Florida homeschool convention, an education in MAGA politics
KISSIMMEE, Fla. (RNS) — Amid more typical homeschool concerns such as combating screen time and filling gaps in homeschool math curricula, the overarching message of the 40th annual Florida Homeschool Convention was about politics, not education.
Source: religionnews.com

June 10, 2024
All Charter District Opens Public School | tultican
By Thomas Ultican 6/9/2024 New Orleans Public Schools, aka Orleans Parish School District (OPSD), became America’s first and only all charter school district in 2017. After hurricane Katrina, the state took over all but five schools in the city. When management was transferred to charter organizations in 2017, OPSD officially became an all charter district.…
Source: tultican.com

June 7, 2024
Parents of private voucher students spent over $1 million of public money buying Lego sets
Legos are allowable expenses under the state's ESA program, but the volume and type of sets is controversial.
Source: www.12news.com

June 6, 2024
One hundred thousand Twin Cities lives ruined by school segregation
Twin Cities school segregation is at its very worst in the large and growing charter school sector.
Source: www.startribune.com

June 3, 2024
After a 7-year experiment, New Orleans is an all-charter district no more
The closely watched experiment is coming to an end. New Orleans Public Schools will now act both as a charter school authorizer and an old-fashioned sch...
Source: www.route-fifty.com

May 29, 2024
Former CEO of Indianapolis Tindley charter network faces federal fraud charges
Former Tindley Accelerated Schools CEO Brian Metcalf is accused of fraudulently billing the school for goods and services he and two other defendants allegedly never intended to deliver.
Source: www.chalkbeat.org

May 20, 2024
In Pennsylvania, A Cyber Charter School Builds A Real Estate Empire
A new report shows Pennsylvania’s cyber charter schools amassing a large stockpile of assets. The Education Voters of PA report shows that the four largest cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania in 2018 had net assets and fund balances totaling $566,858; in 2022, that total had grown to $486 million.
Source: forbes.com

May 13, 2024
A $132 million loophole in Minnesota’s anti-corruption laws
The retiring superintendent of Noble Academy, in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, received a multimillion-dollar contract, without competitive bidding. How do charter schools award contracts?
Source: sahanjournal.com

May 3, 2024
Inside the ‘astonishing’ salaries at N.J. school empire. Taxpayers foot the huge bill.
The founder of the public charter school network earns nearly $700,000, and six others make more than $209,000.
Source: www.nj.com

April 29, 2024
Lena Pope to shut down Fort Worth charter school in August | Fort Worth Report
Chapel Hill Academy has been open since 2008. A shrinking enrollment, funding woes and more competition led to the school’s planned closure.
Source: fortworthreport.org

April 22, 2024
Charter School Founders Accused Of Massive Fraud
Prosecutors are accusing three men of bilking Oklahoma out of millions of dollars in public school funds through a charter school plan that one of the defendants told a state district court prioritized income.
Source: www.zerohedge.com

April 13, 2024
A charter school in Las Vegas faces closure if more than $800K in taxpayer funds are not repaid
A newly opened Las Vegas charter school is facing allegations of misuse of taxpayer funds and could close if the money isn't paid back, documents said.
Source: www.8newsnow.com

March 29, 2024
Epic schools founders never reported millions on tax returns
An auditor from the state testified that Epic Charter Schools’ co-founders never claimed on tax returns $144 million in student Learning Funds they now contend were their "private funds." #oklaed
Source: tulsaworld.com

March 27, 2024
Research from pro-charter school group makes case for halting the approval of new charters
Data from new Fordham Institute research indicates that charter schools consistently underperform traditional schools in reading and math
Source: ncnewsline.com

March 22, 2024
Parents Accuse Diddy's Charter School of Being Violent and Dysfunctional Place for Kids
A recent report from 'The Cut' reveals numerous issues with the East Harlem charter school Capital Prep.
Source: www.complex.com

March 12, 2024
State Charter Schools Review Board declines to renew charter for Gaston County school
The state Charter Schools Review Board on Monday voted unanimously to not renew the charter of Ridgeview Charter School in Gastonia due to poor academic performance. Ridgeview is a K-9 school that serves some of Gaston County’s poorest children.
Source: ncnewsline.com

February 29, 2024
Five people charged with defrauding the Arizona ESA program
Five people are being accused of fraudulently receiving money from the Arizona ESA program by creating "ghost students" through fake birth certificates.
Source: www.abc15.com

February 27, 2024
Hmong College Prep teacher charged with sexual abuse of student
The school asked any student or family member with concerns about the former teacher to contact them or law enforcement.
Source: www.twincities.com

February 27, 2024
In dozens of Minnesota schools, entire classes are failing to meet minimum state standards - Minnesota Reformer
Most are public charter schools ... Most of the schools with extremely high failure rates — 59 of the 78 — are public charter schools [ed note: There are about 180 charter schools in MN and about 2,500 public schools. So 59 out of 180 charters have extremely low scores, and 19 out of 2,500 public schools have them]
Source: minnesotareformer.com

January 29, 2024
Exeter charter school closing amid investigation into alleged fraud and embezzlement
Families in the Seacoast rallied around the alternative school when it opened in 2022, but some say they saw warning signs of mismanagement early on.
Source: www.nhpr.org

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Minnesota Comeback CLOSED $ 11,139,019
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KIPP Minnesota $ 7,100,564
Advancing Equity Coalition $ 6,349,594
Policy Innovators in Education Network Inc. (PIE Network) $ 6,069,789
Ed Allies $ 5,954,154
Educators 4 Excellence, Inc. $ 5,009,413
Charter School Partners CLOSED $ 4,871,464
Center of the American Experiment $ 4,398,381
MinnCAN CLOSED $ 4,155,592
Harvest Preparatory Charter School CLOSED $ 3,099,438
Our Turn, Inc., nee Students for Education Reform (SFER) $ 2,768,250
Education Evolving $ 2,600,750
Charlemagne Institute - nee Intellectual Takeout $ 2,261,410
Harvest Network of Schools CLOSED $ 1,692,256
The New Teacher Project $ 1,526,206
Minnesota Parent Union $ 1,239,340
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