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Charter school scandals of the day

Charter schools are by design a griftogenic environment, so operators are at their most creative in figuring out ways to benefit themselves:

September 23, 2021
Board to probe Hmong school superintendent’s hedge fund loss, might pay her attorneys fees
Source: www.twincities.com

September 21, 2021
Authorizer wants superintendent fired after Hmong College Prep loses $4.3M with hedge fund
A St. Paul charter school’s authorizer has placed the school on probation and recommended the board fire its superintendent after she lost $4.3 million of the school’s money investing in a hedge fund.
Source: www.twincities.com

September 17, 2021
Two charter schools closing amid state investigation
There's no guarantee the state will recover millions of dollars the schools erroneously collected by inflating student enrollment reports.
Source: www.idahoednews.org

September 17, 2021
Audit of Sweetwater Union High School District Finds Evidence of Fraud
Evidence indicating fraud, misappropriation of funds, and other illegal fiscal practices by the hands of current and former employees was found in a state audit...
Source: www.nbcsandiego.com

September 16, 2021
Assault allegations surface at charter school in South LA
The shutdown of a South Los Angeles charter school got heated Monday as attorneys, parents and board members got involved. “It’s happening here because it's South Central," one parent said.
Source: www.foxla.com

September 14, 2021
Charter schools are publicly funded — but there’s big money in selling them
How private citizens make big money from selling publicly funded charters.
Source: www.msn.com

September 11, 2021
California man accused of stealing tens of millions of dollars gets prison for charter school scam
The co-owner of a network of online charter schools who was accused of stealing tens of millions of dollars in California education funds was sentenced Friday to four years in state prison. Jason Schrock, 46, of Southern California and his business partner, Sean McManus, 48, of Australia, also were ordered to pay $37.5 million in […]
Source: ktla.com

September 10, 2021
Charter Schools’ Scary Future
As Democrats withdraw support, we may see a future in which charters turn rightward—while still getting federal funding.
Source: newrepublic.com

September 10, 2021
Teachers College Press: How Charter Schools Control Access and Shape Enrollment | National Education Policy Center
What does “public” mean for a “public charter school”? The state charter school statutes that allow charter schools to exist invariably designate them as public schools. Major advocacy organizations like the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools trumpet the school’s public status. But the truth is that some charter schools are a lot less public than others.
Source: nepc.colorado.edu

September 9, 2021
Michigan pandemic relief dollars went to for-profit cyber schools | COVID-19 | record-eagle.com
TRAVERSE CITY — When the pandemic hit, academic life at Great Lakes Virtual Academy changed very little — virtual learning systems repelled the wave of disruption that sent traditional school
Source: www.record-eagle.com

September 7, 2021
Study: Competition Spurred By Vouchers Limits Long-Term Public School Performance
The study focuses on voucher participation and private school density around public schools, and uses eight years of state school choice and test performance data.
Source: www.wfyi.org

September 1, 2021
Once a highly praised Hartford charter school leader, Michael Sharpe pleads innocent to four gunpoint sexual assaults
Sharpe’s appearance in Superior Court Monday – older, heavier, downcast and soft-spoken – was in contrast to the assertive educator who, two decades ago, took the high-performing Jumoke Academy charter school created by his mother and met with disaster trying to market it as the national answer to under-performing, inner city schools.
Source: www.courant.com

August 24, 2021
Tennessee using $14.4M of $64M COVID education funds toward charter schools
Teachers unions and other critics view the efforts as a way to siphon money away from traditional public schools.
Source: www.newsweek.com

August 15, 2021
Paulo Freire Charter School staff picket, file labor charges
CHICOPEE — Unionized staff at the Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School will picket Saturday in front of their school amid uncertainty over the coming school year after management’s decision to let go of over half of the school’s teachers this...
Source: www.gazettenet.com

June 21, 2021
Messy Watkins Academy audit includes $31,896 in findings for recovery
Columbus – Auditor of State Keith Faber’s Office has released the 2016, 2017, and 2018 financial audit of Watkins Academy, a charter school in Montg
Source: highlandcountypress.com

June 21, 2021
Why Are Federal Funds Flowing to "White Flight" Privatized Charter Schools and Contributing to the Re-segregation of Education?
Source: buzzflash.com

June 18, 2021
San Diego charter school shutters doors
Suncoast Academy struggled for years with compliance issues
Source: www.sandiegouniontribune.com

June 18, 2021
To replace Cedar Riverside Community School, first find out why it failed. Here’s what we discovered
Cedar Riverside Community School, a charter school serving primarily Somali and East African students in Minneapolis’ Riverside Plaza, is closing. The Minnesota Department of Education says anyone hoping to replace it would first have to find out what went wrong. Here’s what we found.
Source: sahanjournal.com

June 14, 2021
Charter commission flags finances at four schools
Monticello Montessori Charter, Peace Valley Charter, Bingham Academy and The Village Charter each received notices of fiscal concern Thursday.
Source: www.idahoednews.org

June 12, 2021
Former charter school operator owes nearly $1 million, New Orleans school district says in suit
The Orleans Parish public school district has sued the nonprofit organization that ran Mary D. Coghill Charter School for years until its charter was canceled, claiming the organization's board misappropriated
Source: www.nola.com

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