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Charter school scandals of the day

Charter schools are by design a griftogenic environment, so operators are at their most creative in figuring out ways to benefit themselves:

March 28, 2023
Newton school board votes to close Walton Rural Life Center
The Newton school board on Monday night voted 4-3 to begin the process to close the Walton Rural Life Center.
Source: www.kwch.com

March 27, 2023
Students protest after Paulo Freire Justice Charter School decides to close their doors
Students at Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School expressed their frustration with their staff and administration after plans to permanently close their doors at the end of the school year.
Source: www.westernmassnews.com

March 26, 2023
Waco Charter School parents, staff tell board they were blindsided by closure plan
Waco Charter School parents and staff voiced pain and confusion at a meeting Tuesday over the school’s imminent closure, criticizing the governing board for how the decision was made and
Source: wacotrib.com

March 24, 2023
An Interview With the School Board Chair Who Forced Out a Principal After Michelangelo’s David Was Shown in Class
"Well, we’re Florida, OK?"
Source: slate.com

March 21, 2023
ASD requests board terminate charter for Anchorage Family Partnership school
The Anchorage School District asks the school board to terminate the charter for Anchorage Family Partnership Charter School
Source: www.alaskasnewssource.com

March 15, 2023
American Indian Academy will close at the end of the school year
The charter school could not draw enough students to sustain its programming.
Source: www.cbsnews.com

March 14, 2023
As D-51 School Board’s conservative majority rushes to close East Middle School, it fast-tracks the opening of a religiously-affiliated charter school
As the conservative District 51 School Board majority headed by Board President Andrea Haitz hurries to shut down East Middle School, it is fast-tracking the opening of yet another charter school, the Ascent Classical Academy, a project of Hillsdale College, a private Christian religious school located in south-central Michigan.
Source: annelandmanblog.com

March 13, 2023
Voters decline to buy back Harpswell Coastal Academy property - The Harpswell Anchor
Maine charter school wants the public to buy back a school building, built w/ public funds, after the charter's purchase of the school
Source: harpswellanchor.org

March 10, 2023
Former Columbus charter school treasurer must repay over $70,000 for late tax payments
Ohio Auditor of State Keith Faber issued a $70,000 finding Thursday against a former Columbus charter school treasurer after tax issues.
Source: www.dispatch.com

March 2, 2023
Buffalo Collegiate Charter School closing in June
The school said the decision will put 300 rising fifth-through-ninth graders into other Buffalo Public Schools and other charters in September.
Source: www.wgrz.com

February 27, 2023
Opinion | Michigan charters run by for-profits bring mediocrity, secrecy | Bridge Michigan
Michigan has the highest percentage of charter schools run by for-profit corporations in the nation. Michigan must pass legislation that increases transparency for charter schools says the former president of the State Board of Education.
Source: www.bridgemi.com

February 26, 2023
Oʻahu charter school faces closure after commission vote, long string of violations
Kamalani Academy leaders say they will appeal a decision that would force the school to close on June 30. The state Public Charter Schools Commission earlier this week decided not to renew the school's contract for an additional five years. HPR's Casey Harlow reports.
Source: www.hawaiipublicradio.org

February 22, 2023
Pennsylvania Cyber Charter Owners and Operators Get Rich While Students Receive Poor Education - Bucks County Beacon
Taxpayers don’t have a choice when it comes to their money funding a largely unregulated and underperforming industry at the expense of public schools.
Source: buckscountybeacon.com

February 17, 2023
State votes to revoke Kansas City school’s charter, but fight isn’t over
Kansas City’s Genesis Charter School is exploring legal options after a Missouri commission voted to revoke the school’s charter.
Source: fox4kc.com

February 15, 2023
How a Brazen School-Voucher Scheme in Texas Got Derailed
Internal documents offer new insights into an unprecedented ploy in Wimberley to divert public-education dollars to private schools.
Source: www.texasmonthly.com

February 11, 2023
Catholic Church in Oklahoma seeking government sanctioning, taxpayer funding for first religious charter school in U.S.
St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Virtual School wants to serve both existing Catholic school students with new online course offerings and rural students where no Catholic schools exist. #oklaed
Source: tulsaworld.com

January 23, 2023
Lax Texas charter school laws allow splashy land buys, profits for leaders
In some cases, administrators own school facilities and collect millions by charging the schools rent.
Source: www.expressnews.com

January 21, 2023
The Role of Real Estate in the For-Profit Charter School Grift - Bucks County Beacon
Many charter school businesses use public tax dollars to profit from real estate dealings rather than actually focusing on student needs.
Source: buckscountybeacon.com

January 19, 2023
Erie School Board invokes 'surrender clause,' votes to close Erie Rise charter school
Erie schools Superintendent Brian Polito asked board to vote on Erie Rise's fate due to its poor test scores and failure to meet negotiated standards.
Source: www.goerie.com

January 16, 2023
Religious Charter School Test Case Rests With an Oklahoma Board Lacking Enough Members to Meet - Oklahoma Watch
If approved, the school operated by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City would swing open the door for tax-payer funded, religious instruction at other charter schools. 
Source: oklahomawatch.org

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